New Vacuum Valves/ Vacuum Sniffers t


(Smart) vacuum valves patented by EFC are vacuum connectors of a different kind.
There are two types: - one for flat composite surfaces and one for curved composite  surfaces.

Their advantages compared to commonly used standard vacuum valves/sniffers are:

  • A life time warranty on the main body of the valve
  • Cost saving due to prosessing time reduction (NO leaking, No cutting of ane vacuumbag!)
    Both type smart valves save time and cost while NO personnel is needed to hold vacuum hose/lines valve upright to keep them from tilting during a vacuum build up
  • Cost saving due to long services life of valves
  • Cost saving by NO maintenace on the stainless steel single part valve
  • The stainles steel body resists high temperature cures  
  • Applicable on flat and curved surfaces
  • Can be used with all standard coupling and gauge couplings
  • No tilting as standard valves do connected with havey hoses or vacuumlines
  • No tilting in Autoclaves during venting or sudden vacuum loss
  • No Leaking will occur as with standard valves/sniffers that use a base and upper plate on both sides of the cross cut in the vacuum bag
  • No more loss of base plates as used in standard valves,sniffers  that accidentally end up in the waste container!
  • SmartValves can be interconnected create uniform  vacuum on large parts or repairs
  • Standard quick disconnects, stops and gauges can be fitted
  • Certificates of the production process and material used are available at EFC


The properties of the EFC Smart vacuum Valve save time and costs - no tearing of vacuum bags, no longer necessity to cut any vacuum bag, no leakage, no personnel required to keep valves upright during vacuum build-up! No tilting valves  in an autoclaves  while venting, and no loss of base paltes as used in 'traditional' vacuum valves/ports  that consists of multiple parts.  Connectors, stops, gauges and hoses you already have, can also be used in combination with the EFC Smart vacuum Valves. All these advantages come at a very reasonable price.

In the image above from left to right you see three types of EFC Smart vacuum Valves, two of which are currently available for purchase on this website. On the left is the valve for use in a pleat commonly used in tooling fabrication or special parts and will be on the market in 2017. In the middle you see the Smart vacuum Valve for curved surfaces and on the right you see the SmartValve for flat surfaces. Below you find links to order them.

Left: Valve for use in a pleat. Middle: Valve for curved surfaces. Right: Valve for flat surfaces.


For the time being, the Smart Valve for flat surfaces (left) and for Curved surfaces (right) are being sold without the standard quick disconnects which are commonly available. The Smart vacuum pleat valve is planned to arrive on the market around mid 2017. 


.Schematic of breather pack for use of SmatValves.


Download our SmartValve Short User Manual by clicking the icon below.