TECH - 150 -Vacuum Resin Infusion Basic

Resin infusion course
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This course is developed for anyone wanting to learn about the basis principals of resin infusion

Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one sided mould. The benefits of resin infusion when compared to non-vacuum bag curing of composite laminates include:

  • Better fibre to resin ratio than wet lay-up
  • Stronger laminate
  • Low void content
  • Reduces operator exposure to harmful emissions
  • Reduced resin usage due to pre-compacted fabric
  • Faster ply lay-up

The Basic Resin Infusion Processing (VIP) course is suitable for a beginner wishing to become a professional, since it provides theoretical understanding and practical experience to make high quality composite parts.
This course will examine all aspects of the process including the main theoretical principles, detailed description of the technology, products selection and hands-on exercises. Our training teaches how to effectively employ vacuum bagging materials in the resin infusion process.

Topics discussed and demonstrated in the course

  • Lecture subjects
  • An overview of infusion techniques
  • Fiber forms and resins used for infusion
  • Core materials
  • Viscosity and permeability, Darcy’s law


Our TECH-150 Basic VIP course is conducted in 5 days
 It is widely known that it takes two to four weeks to train the average student / technician to a point where (s)he has production ready skills.

EFC can also give On-site training, please inquire for a quote.

Class size is limited then to 14 participants. A minimum of 5 participants is required to start.

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