Tap Testing NDI of composite parts

Course code: TECH-009 

Course duration: 2 Days 

All EFC courses comply SAE-CACRC, FAA, CAA and EASA standards.

This is a Training 'level 2-3 composite NDI course. It is a "Basic" composite parts Tap testing (NDI) course designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of participants / technicians, Certifying staff, NDI inspectors ands quality control inspectors, who want to have a better understanding and importance of tap testing on advanced composite parts with thin skins .

Advised Pre-requisites

  • Basic knowledge of Advanced composites
  • Normal hearing in both ears preferebly tested before the course
    Checking your hearing quality is an important step if you profeesionally want to perform Tap testing on composite parts
  • Inspectors that can hear satesfactorily and had a hearing test

Personnel of technical departments with prior experience in Composites and wanting to gain a better understanding of inspection of parts made off advanced composite materials by means of Tap testing for delaminations or dis-bonds 
Personnel with some composite fabrication or Repair experience

Number of participants: Minimum required 4 and Maximum 16 per course*.
* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received! 

To provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical Hands-On skills necessary to carry out basics off  tap testing.

At the end of the course the participants:

  • Must be attentive to details in composite parts

Course Content Theory  (Level 1-2)

  • Limitations
  • General tap tesiting procedures for damge and repair inspection on honeycomb structure with thin skins References:
    NDI Part 1, 51-01-01 Inspection of repairs
    NDI Part 2, 51-00-02 Substructure Fracture in Composite structure
    NDI Part 4, 51-00-05 Bondtest inspection of Honeycomb Structure
    Use of refence standards
  • Tap sound definitions
  • Application off Tap scan patterns
  • Examine honeycomb structures
  • How to make an Analysis of the Inspection Results
  • Tapping Equipment and illustrations:
    Boeing and Airbus Tap Test tools
    RD3 tap hammer
    Woodpecker WP-632 
  • Introduction to advanced Aircraft composite structures/ and Aircraft metal bonded structures
  • Composite awareness & reporting damage incidents
  • Preperation of tap erea                                                                         
  • Minor Damage assessment, impact, dents scratches and others     
  • Accept or reject criteria
  • Quality Asurance

Practical exercises: (Level 1-2)

Participants will be intensively monitored while tap test prepared reinforced fiber sandwhich construtions from   Carbon, Aramid and Glass Fiber prep-pregs and dry fiber material with various ply lay-Up directions.

  • Post Inspection and cleaning of parts
  • Determine damage types and size in fiber laminates and sandwhich structures
  • Damage assessment, mapping and reporting according to the SRM alloweble damage limits
  • Acept or reject parts acordingly


  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1-2 
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers
  • The examination will be closed book and can be conducted by a Part 147 approved Examiner
    on request 
  • The practical mark will be the average of all marks gained from the practical NDI exercises
  • All grades will be recorded in the participant individual training records and kept on record at EFC for unlimited time (compliant with Reference EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014)
  • A certifcate of accomplishment is handed out to each participant.

Note for companies only: 

  • Course dates as noted on our schedule can be adjusted on request to a required starting date.

This course can also be held at our facility in, Bicester, UK at the Bicester Banbury College. 
Minimum participants: 4 and max. 16. See our course schedule
Contact our purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via e-mail at r.a.hover@efcomposites.com or info@efcomposites.com

Request for 'On-Site' Training
This course can be requested for an 'On-Site' training at your company under our "Terms & Conditions"
Please contact us for actual course price quote for an On-site Trainning at your facility.
On site Requirements for training: Classroom with white board & overhead projector.

Course Pricing
All course prices are Excluded VAT. (Dutch VAT is 21%). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws. On request, companies can be sent an invoice, instead of paying direct On-line with PayPal, IDEAL or credit card.

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