Composite Repair training customized

TECH - 021 Customized Training Programs

Course code:

Course duration:
To be determined in accordance with the Customer to meet specific requirements in composite repair or fabrication training.

Personnel of Technical Departments in the Composite Industry:

  • having no prior experience or training in composite fabrication or repair,
  • who have to change from producing Wet lay-Up systems to pre-Pregs lay-Up systems, Handling & Storage,
  • who already have some knowledge and Hands-On skills in repair or fabrication of Advanced composites

This course number TECH-021, is meant for any company in the composite Industry branch that requires 'Customized Made Training' in Basic Intermediate or Advanced Composites Fabrication & Repair Techniques.

If EFC standard courses such as the TECH 001, 010 and 020 are not suitable for your company's needs, EFC will assess your company requirements for a specific Training program which will be specified and noted in a Course Contents Document (CCD).

In this CCD, every requirement and their objectives are specified as a tool to work with for you as a customer and for EFC as development and guide for lecture and Hands-On training. If an agreement is reached, with the customer the developed CCD will be signed by both parties. After signing EFC will work from the CCD to develop the required Training program as written in the CCD within a time frame agreed upon by both parties.

Customized  courses can be given 'On-Site' at your company . 
Special requests for an 'On-site' training course can be done at our business & purchasing manager.

It will involve additional cost such as: Travel, lodging, daily allowance, shipping / ensuring material and equipment plus 25%. If we do hold this course 'On-Site', there are specific requirements per course regarding the equipment of your company workshop and training material availability. Request a quote for our 'On Site' course or more specific information.

For information & requirements, contact our business & purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via e-mail at: or  at: 

All listed course prices are ex-BTW (Dutch VAT). Dutch BTW tax (comparable to VAT) is 20%. EFC complies with Dutch tax laws and delivers a top quality product - the educative material, training method and training facility.



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