Aircraft Structural Repair Manual reading Course (SRM)

Course code: TECH-040  Boeing Structural Repair Manuals (SRM)

Course duration: 3 Days

Introduction: This course content can be derived from and in accordance with the following documents:

  • SRM Boeing (SRM  Manual rading for a specific Type of Aircraft OEM type on request )
  • SRM Airbus  (SRM  Manual rading for a specific Type of Aircraft OEM type on request )

The Aircraft Structural Repair Manual (SRM) is compiled in accordance with the ATA 100 (Air Transport Association). This was done to clarify specific instructions in order to perform correct repairs on aircraft.
The SRM contains material data, allowed criteria concerning structural damage and images of the most common repairs. 

Every aircraft manufacturer OEM, issues its own SRM for each type of aircraft its produces. This course participants will learn how to use the SRM and understand its ATA-100 setup information structure so that their search for repair rules will be swift and correct.

This course prepares the participant to interprit, find/design repairs within the limits of the  Structural Repair Manual (SRM). The course includes repair case studies that require the participant to determine allowable damage and its  limits, part identification, and detail and composites and  metallic repair options.

Advised Pre-requisites
Read, write and understand technical English and understanding of composite jargon as noted in the SAE- AIR-4938 Composite Glossery setup by the CACRC. Knowledge of the ATA 100 chapter build up is an advantedge.

This course is intended for aircraft personnel of technical departments, such as repair technicians, certifiyng staff part 145, quality inspectors and engineers.

Number of participants: Minimum required 4 and Maximum 16 per course*.
* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received! 

Course objectives 
Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to use the SRM to:

  • Identify specific airplane parts and locations.
  • Find allowable damage limits in the specific SRM.
  • Identify types of damage that can be repaired using the SRM chapters.
  • Identify the differences between repair types.
  • Find repairs for specific damage exercises during the course.
  • Find Wet Lay-up Repair processes in the SRM
Course outline
  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM) Format choice of customer
  • General Data (ATA-100 SRM Chapter 51)
  • Airplane Reference, LEPs and abbreviations
  • Structural Damage Tolerance Classification
  • Structural Repair Definitions
  • Definitions of Terms
  • Standard Processes and Procedures
  • Protective Treatment of Materials
  • Sealant usage
  • Materials
  • Fasteners
  • General Repairs in the SRM
  • Damage Evaluation
  • Airplane Part Identification and Location
  • Allowable Damage Limits
  • Post reapir and Inspection Methods
  • Repair Design
  • Case Studies of different composite and matallic repairs


  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1-2 
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers
  • The examination will be open book and will use excisting repair cases out of the SRM
  • On request the examination can be conducted by a Part 147 approved Examiner 
  • All certifcates and grades will be recorded in the participant individual training records and kept on record at EFC for unlimited time (compliant with Reference EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014)

This training course can also be tailored made to meet your specific needs in OEM Aircraft type SRM as shown above

This course can also be held at our facility in, Bicester, UK . Course dates for the UK are not limited to our upcoming training schedule. Please do not hasitate to contact us for your specific request finding the convinient course date at any time.
Minimum participants in the UK: 4 and max. 16. See our upcoming course schedule

Request for 'On-Site' Training
This course can also be  given 'On-Site' on request for training at your company under our "Terms & Conditions"

Course Pricing
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