Hot Bonder Heat console use

Course code: TECH-060 (Stage I)

Course duration: 3 Days

All EFC courses comply SAE-CACRC, FAA, CAA and EASA standards.

This is a Training 'level 1-2' Hot bonder course. This course designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of participants / technicians from beginner to intermediate technician who want to have a better understanding of working with Hot bond heat consoles during advanced composite rapair.

Advised Pre-requisites
Our TECH-001 Basic Composites and fabrication course, or other similar Basic Composite knowledge gained in the industry. Knowledge of special used jargon

Personnel of technical departments having prior experience or training with Fiber Reinforced Composites and wanting to gain a better understanding of curing advanced composite materials with Single and Dual zone Hot Bonders/Heat consoles to control the heat application, vacuum, and time necessary to cure critically sensitive composite resins and adhesives.

Number of participants: Minimum required 2 and Maximum 8 per course*.
* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received! 

To provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical Hands-On skills necessary to carry out a hot bond repair by using a Hot Bonder or heat console.

At the end of the course the participants:

  • Can work according to Safety regulations and recognize hazardous situations & materials
  • Must be able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Must be attentive to details in Thermocouple placement and heat blanket usage.
  • Can check Thermocouples, heat blankets prior to installation
  • Can program, changes and abort running cure cycles

Course Content Theory  (Level 1-2)

  • Health and Safety using AC/DC powered Hot bond systems on carbon fiber parts
  • Different brand/types of Hot Bonders compared pros and cons
  • Hot bond terminology (composite glossary)
  • How a Heat blanket works and make us of its effective area
  • How TCs work, how they are checked,  welded  and repaired
  • TC. placement on /in various materials & TC. mapping
  • Cold & hot spots and heat sink insulation
  • High temp 171 C. cures and insulation of heat blanket 
  • Cycle running and monitoring
  • Programming of different material cure cycles and aborting cure cycles
  • Use of ceramic and UV lamps and other heat devices controlled by a Hot Bonder console.
  • Storing of cured cycles on PC/Lap Top or USB & Printing cured cycles

Workshop exercises: (Level 1-2)

Participants will be intensively monitored during the installation and use of different types of Single & Dual zone Hot bond consoles.
They are able to connect all necessary equipment, cables and  program any type of Hot bonder, check & install thermocouples and heat blankets on a composite part Lay-Up of vacuum materials and perform vacuum leak checking and curing.
Determine size of heat blankets according to the repair size and  Thermocouple mapping
Apply vacuum bags, run a cure cycle and monitor the Hot-bonder while running
De-bag the vacuum bag in the correct way removing TC's and heat blankets


  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1-2 
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers
  • The examination will be closed book and  can be conducted by a Part 147 approved Examiner
    on request 
  • The practical mark will be the average of all marks gained from the practical exercises
    Assessment activities are built into our courses, to give feedback on the achievement and personal potential and kept record in a personal logbook per student.  
  • All grades will be recorded in the participant individual training records and kept on record at EFC for unlimited time (compliant with Reference EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014)
  • A certificate 33of accomplishment is handed out to each participant.

Note for companies only:

  • If required, this Training courses can be tailored made to meet your specific needs of Hot Bonder used in your company. 
  • Course dates as noted on our schedule can be adjusted on request to a required starting date.

Request for 'On-Site' Training
This course is very suitable to be held 'On-Site' at your company under our "Terms & Conditions" for On-site training.  Contact our purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via e-mail at or or call us!

Course Pricing
All listed course prices are Excl VAT. (Dutch VAT is 21%). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws. On request, companies can be sent an invoice instead of paying direct on-line with PayPal, IDEAL or credit card.

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