Vacuum Infusion Processing (VIP)

Course code: TECH-150

Course Duration: 5 Days

Advised Pre-Requisites:
'None required' 
Some experience with composite materials would benefit you in this course. For those who not have any background with composites we recommend (Not required!) to attend our TECH-001-  our Basic Composite course. Please contact EFC if you need more information.

This course is developed for anyone, technician, engineer, college students, who wants to learn about the basic principles of resin infusion. Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibers  

The Basic Resin Infusion Processing course, is a course suitable for:

  • a beginner who wants to become professional
  • to gain a theoretical understanding and practical experience in making high quality composite parts with the vacuum infusion process

This course will examine all the aspects of the process including the main theoretical principles, detailed description of the technology, product selection, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Our training demonstrates how to effectively employ infusion materials in the resin infusion process.

Number of participants:  Minimum 3, Maximum 12 per course*.
* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received! 

Lecture subjects

The following topics will be discussed in the course:

  • Review health, safety and handling
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Vacuum Resin Infusion (VIP) techniques
  • Selection of fibres, resin and other materials
  • Darcy's law 
  • Volume calculation of resin content needed for infusion
  • Equipment selection
  • Resin flow characteristics and tool temperatures
  • Identification of parts suitable for resin infusion
  • Preparation of tooling and material layup
  • Process set-up, use of reusable bagging
  • Curing & Post Curing
  • De-moulding
  • Trimming and finishing
  • Post manufacture equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Waste resin disposal issues 


The following exercises will be trained in the course:

  • Tool preparation and mold release application
  • Fibre-pack lay-up / preform fabrication
  • Placing fibers fabrics in moulds
  • Installation flow media and vacuum
  • Infusion fabricating different sheets and curved sandwich panel shapes
  • Monitoring the infusion
  • Curing infused panels and parts
  • Post Curing parts

The duration of our TECH-150 Resin (Basic) Infusion course is only 5 days.
It is widely known that it takes 2 to 4 weeks to train an average technician to a level where he/she has production ready skills fo infuse parts.

This course can also be held at our facility in, Bicester UK at the Bicester Banbury College. 
Minimum participants; 4  and Max. 12 . See our Up coming course schedule
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