Course wind blade structural composite repair


Course code: TECH-260

Course Duration: 5 Days 


No previous experience is required, but the EFC TECH 001, composite course is recommended for basic knowledge, or an equivalent level of experience in composite materials and repair would benefit in this course. Please contact EFC for more information if needed. 


This course is developed for anyone from an inspector to atechnician in the field, to learn about the principles of Wind Turbine wind blade repair. Repairs on Wind blades are not a common standard in the industry and every Wind blade manufacturer has his own Structural Repair Manual which has to be followed.

EFC owner Bert Groenewoud and Instructor Robert Otterspoor, have a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience in repair of Wind Turbine Blade such as; NDI, Damage assessment, report writing, repair and post-repair inspection, all gained during several wind blade repair projects for Vestas in the Philippines.  (See EFC's portfolio). 

Content Theorie:

  • Blade structure and ply play up drawings
  • Types of resin, gel-coat, paints and their properties
  • Cure and post-cures of material used
  • Basic material used
  • Exothermic reactions and safety precautions
  • Methods of various repair
  • Autonomous heat blankets
  • Mini hotbonders
  • Moisture meter
  • Drying methods
  • OEM blade production repair manuals and layup drawings
  • Sanding with orbital sanders
  • NDI, Non Destructive Inspection, damage assessment by photography and Drones
  • Post repair Inspection
  • Lightning Strike repair
  • Nose Cap repair
  • Gurrit, RENOVO repair system usage
  • Safety 

 Practical "Hands-On" in repair of windblades:

  • Each team performs actual repairs on wind blade parts
  • Performs Post repair Inspection and damage mapping by photography 
  • Use of moisture meter
  • Drying method application with blankets and / or vacuum
  • Sanding techniques with orbital sanders and use of sanding grid types
  • Repair on Leading & Trailing edge, Leeward & Windward side panels
  • Wet Lay-Up (WLU) package method on vertical blades in Y position
  • Lightning Strike repair and grounding cup repair
  • Use of release films
  • Use of a small portable vacuum pumps (if applicable)
  • Gurrit, RENUVO resin system. Use & curing of this system during repairs
  • Application of Gel coat and Paints
  • Autonomous Heat blankets and Mini hotbonder usage to curing Gel-coat, Paint Resin cure & Resin Post-cure

Wind turbine blade Repair Course,
The EFC wind blade repair course is meant to be held in our facility in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but if required 'On-Site' , please do contact us  for information.

'On-Site' damage assesment,
EFC offers you our World-Wide Wind blade repair support and NDI / damage assessment on location.
Assistance in combination with, and for rope teams in actual repair of turbine blades.
Please click this link: Onsite support, damage assessment and reporting

Consultant / NDI inspector / Instructor, Robert Otterspoor is ready for a blade NDI-damage assessment with the AiRAS Rope team from China.

On the picture to the left;
EFC Consultant / NDI inspector / Instructor, Robert Otterspoor is ready for a blade NDI-damage assessment with the AiRAS Rope team from China. 

To hold this wind blade reapir course 'On-Site', there are extra requirements regarding arrangement of the workshop & repair parts to be taken. Please contact us for your minimum required workshop material & equipment needed for training.

There are additional costs are involved for  'On-Site Repair' such as fees for; Travel, Lodging, Daily allowances, shipping scrap blade material and or parts. Ask for the EFC 'On-Site' requirement document. Please contact us at:

All listed course prices are ex-BTW (Dutch VAT). Dutch BTW tax is 21% (comparable with VAT). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws and delivers a top quality product - the educative material, training method and training facility.