Course overview

TECH-001Basic principles of composite fabrication & damage repair2.095,00 €5
TECH-002Knowledge & Skill Assessment for Composite techniciains680,00 €1
TECH-009NDI-Identification and Damage Assessment to Composite Aircraft Structures1.800,00 €5 (days)
TECH-010Intermediate of Composite Damage Repair (Stage II)1.895,00 €5
TECH-020Advanced Composites Structural Repair (Stage III)1.895,00 €5
TECH-022Currency Competence assessment for Composite repair personnel1.800,00 €5
TECH-023Recurrent Training for Composite Repair Personnel1.800,00 €5
TECH-030Aircraft Cabin Interior Repair1.895,00 €5
TECH-032Aircraft Cabin Interior Carpeting & Upholstery2.095,00 €5
TECH-040Aircraft Structural Repair Manual Reading & Interpretation1.495,00 €3
TECH-050Composite and Bonded Structure Inspector2.095,00 €5 (days)
TECH-060Hot Bonder Heat console use training1.495,00 €3
TECH-102 PART 2Commercial Aircraft Composite Structure Bonded Repair course.3.595,00 €10 (75 hrs)
TECH-104 PART 4Part 4- Commercial Aircraft Structure Metal Bond Repair2.095,00 €5
TECH-120Aircraft Advanced Radome Repair2.300,00 €5
TECH-150Vacuum Resin Infusion Processing VIP1.800,00 €5
TECH-170Composite Tooling Fabrication (Advanced I)2.300,00 €5
TECH-171Quick Composite Repair tooling fabrication (Stage I)1.800,00 €5