NDI-Tap Testing of Advanced composites

Course code: TECH-009
Course duration: 2 Days


All EFC courses comply SAE-CACRC, FAA, CAA and EASA standards.

This is a Training ‘level 1-2 composite NDI Tap testing course. It is a “Basic” (NDI designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of participants such as; Technicians, Certifying staff, NDI Inspectors and Quality control Inspectors, who want to have a better understanding and importance and limitations of tap testing on advanced composite parts with thin skins .

Advised pre-requisites

  • Preferebly some basic knowledge of what composites are and made out and used for.
  • Normal hearing in both ears

Checking your hearing quality is an important step if you profeesionally want to perform Tap testing composite parts in your company.


Personnel of technical departments with prior experience in Composites and who want to gain a better understanding of inspectiing parts made out off advanced composite materials by mean of hand Tap testing, eletronicle Taphammer testing for delaminations or dis-bonds.
Personnel with some composite fabrication or Repair experience

Number of participants

Minimum required 4 and Maximum 12 per course*.

* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received!


To provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical Hands-On skills necessary to carry out basics off  composite damage mapping, alloweble damage limit findings and tap testing wit various tapping divices/tap hammers.

At the end of the course the participants:

  • Must be attentive to details in composite parts

Course content theory (Level 1-2)

  • Locations on varius types of aircraft
  • Limitations of NDI by hand tapping
  • Repair /NDI Manual chapter subjects
    General tap tesiting procedures for damge and repair inspection on honeycomb structure with thin skins References:
    NDI Part 1, 51-01-01 Inspection of repairs
    NDI Part 2, 51-00-02 Substructure Fracture in Composite Structure
    NDI Part 4, 51-00-05 Bondtest inspection of Honeycomb Structure
    Use of refence standards
  • Preperation of tap erea
  • Tap sound definitions
  • Application of Tap scan patterns on composite parts
  • Examine honeycomb structures
  • How to make an Analysis of the Inspection results
  • Tapping Equipment and illustrations:
    –  Boeing and Airbus Tap Test tools steel and aluminum
    –  RD3 electronic tap hammer
    –  Woodpecker WP-632 digital tap hammer
  • Short introduction to advanced Aircraft composite structures/ and Aircraft metal bonded structures
  • Composite awareness & reporting minor/major damage incident
  • Minor Damage assessment, impact, dents scratches and others
  • Accept or reject criteria
  • Quality Assurance

Workshop exercises (Level 1-2)

Participants will be intensively monitored while performing actual tap testing  on prepared glass/Carbo and Aramid fiber sandwhich construtions and dry fiber material with various ply lay-Up directions.

  • Post Inspection of composite solid and sandwich parts
  • Determine damage types and size in fiber laminates and honeycomb sandwich parts
  • Checking max. Alloweble damage limits on parts
  • Application of Tap scan patterns on composite parts
  • Damage assessment, damage mapping and reporting according to the SRM alloweble damage limits
  • Accept or reject parts accordingly


  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1-2
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers The examination will be closed book
  • The practical mark will be the average of all marks gained from the practical NDI exercises
  • All grades will be recorded in the participant individual training records and kept on record at EFC for unlimited time (compliant with Reference EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014)
  • A certificate of accomplishment is handed out to each participant.

Tailor made

Note for companies only:

  • If required, our Training courses can be tailored made to meet your specific needs. 
  • Course dates as noted on our course schedule can be adjusted on request to meet your required starting date.
  • If you have a requirement for this, please contact our business development manager, Rolf Hovener, via his personal page.

On site

This currency competence assessment can be hold 'On-Site' at your company under certain conditions. 

It will involve additional cost such as: Travel, lodging, daily allowance, shipping / ensuring material and equipment plus 25%. If we do hold this course 'On-Site', there are specific requirements per course regarding the equipment of your company workshop and training material availability. 

For information & requirements, contact our business & purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via his personal page.

Bicester, UK

This course can also be held at our facility in Bicester in the UK at the Bicester Banbury College.  If you have a need for this, please contact our purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via his personal page.

Course pricing

All listed course prices are Excl VAT. (Dutch VAT is 21%). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws. On request, companies can be sent an invoice instead of paying direct On-line with PayPal, IDEAL or credit card.


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Cost for this course:  925,00 EUR

Training data:

Course overview

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