Recurrent Training for Composite Repair Personnel

Course code: TECH-023 (Level 1,2 and 3)
Course duration: 5 Days


This a Recurrent training for Composite Repair personnel (composite technicians) who have to demonstrate continued competence every 3 years by performing a Proficiency Check by multiple-choice examination covering all levels and courses attended under the direct supervision of an EFC examiner authorized and/or designated by the organization.

If his or her scoring rate per subject as noted in the SAE-AMS CACRC AIR 4938 document and lower than 75% these subject have to be updated to match the required level needed.

Advised pre-requisites


Recurrent training; Composite Repair personnel demonstrating continued competence every 3 years by performing a Proficiency Check by multiple choice examination covering all levels and courses attended under the direct supervision of an EFC examiner authorized and designated by the organization. Aviation Technicians.

Number of participants

Maximum members off-site: 10, on site 10

Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received!

Course content theory:

  1. Performing a Recurrent Training/ Proficiency Check by examination of:
    • Composite Technology
    • Materials
    • Changes in Composite Materials, Maintenance and Repair by OEM
    • Methods of repair.
    • Changes in repair by OEM
  2. Recurrent Training: A training program that includes provisions for recurrent training to continually update persons on technology, materials, and other changes regarding composite maintenance and repair. Records of recurrent training should be maintained by the organization and the individual
  3. Loss of Certification: If the individual is shown to perform unsatisfactorily, certification will be withdrawn
  4. Recertification:  Re-examination must not contain 20% of the questions that were on the failed examinations where to become re-certified
    Remedial training and/or testing may be required to become certified

Workshop exercises (Level 1-2)

Participants will be intensively monitored while fabricating reinforced fiber laminates from sandwich parts Glass Fiber prep-preg and dry fiber material using various ply lay-Up directions. Lay-Up of vacuum materials and perform vacuum leak checking and curing.

  • Damage assessment and reporting
  • Determine ply directions in Glass, fiber laminates by sanding.
  • Damage removal, scarf preparation for repair using a Wet Lay-Up and pre-preg repair process.
  • Introduction to oven and Hot Bond repair consoles and their equipment.
  • Performs basic ‘Wet Lay Up’ cosmetic repairs in sanwhich panels  from the inside to outsid
  • Can apply Tedlar and wall paper
  • Can cut carpetting and aply seems on it by sewing
  • Repair Gargonets if applicable
  • Can adjust cabin seat cilindersto the right settings
  • Can bond ABS seat covers by dissolving technique
  • Can Install & remove fasteners like treadhed inserst, bushings
  • Can Install heli-coil threaded inserts


Examinations according to SAE-AIR 4938: Training providers will be required to monitor student performance throughout the program. Students will be administered written exams in lecture classes and practical skill demonstration tests in laboratory classes. The minimum passing grade for all written tests is 75% and all grades will be recorded in the individual’s training records. The final examination covering the principles of the applicable curriculum:

  1. Written examination: The written examination will contain a minimum of 50 multiple choice questions. The examination will contain a minimum of 3 questions from each of the teaching level 2 and above subjects. Successful completion of the written exam is 75% correct answers. The examination will be closed book
  2. Practical assessment: By the end of the training program the trainee must demonstrate to the approved training provider that they can perform the basic tasks required to perform a composite repair

Re-examination: If the trainee fails the written examination, they may request to retake a written examination. The written examination must not contain more than 20% of the questions that were on the failed examinations

On site

This currency competence assessment can be hold 'On-Site' at your company under certain conditions. 

It will involve additional cost such as: Travel, lodging, daily allowance, shipping / ensuring material and equipment plus 25%. If we do hold this course 'On-Site', there are specific requirements per course regarding the equipment of your company workshop and training material availability. 

For information & requirements, contact our business & purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via his personal page.

Course pricing

All listed course prices are Excl VAT. (Dutch VAT is 21%). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws. On request, companies can be sent an invoice instead of paying direct On-line with PayPal, IDEAL or credit card.

Enroll for this course?
Cost for this course:  2.050,00 EUR

Training data:

Course overview

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