Knowledge & Skill Assessment for Composite techniciains

Earth & Flight Composites (EFC) has developed knowledge & skill assessments for new staff applying for a job in advanced composites such as composites Repair technicians, MRO Certifying staff and Quality Inspectors.
 The assessment we have done for our clients in Aviation, MROs around Europe have been proven to be very successful for our customers and cost savings for our clients. 
The assessment is set-up to :

  • Verify if an applicant candidate meets the requirements set by your company HRM Dept. 
  • Verify if the applicant is skilled and motivated to the job in the composite industry.
  • Check if the applicant CV reflects his passed and present knowledge. 

The assessment of new applicants applying for a job in composite (repair) can be a time-consuming process for your company to find out if the applicant has the required knowledge to perform the job.
To asses, the assessor needs a very high level of knowledge on the subject of composites.

In a CV or Resume, claims are easily made by applicants.
EFC will interview the applicant must through talking with an applicant we can assess their level of knowledge but not their level of skill.

A good composite technician has well-developed motor skill in grinding techniques (scarfing, stepping and trimming) with several types of tools.

  • There has to be a high ability to work independently, 3d repair design thinking and an ability to transfer this information to others.
  • The ability to work according to Safety regulations which will be monitored throughout the practical.
  • The ability to read technical layup drawings and technical documentation and implement it to do a repair. This requires strong analytical skills, to be detail-oriented, flexibility, good organizational skill and a passion for the job.


Not everyone will meet these requirements.
Invest in the wrong people and you as a company will get a raw deal.

Failed part, products or repairs, badly performed job, reputation damage, waste of time and the wrong person for the job!

To assess each candidate you are thinking of hiring we can save your recruiting agency /company a lot of money from hiring the wrong person for the Job.

The EFC skill assessment is meant for  companies Human Resource departments in the Advanced Composite Industry such as:

  • Aviation MRO maintenance centers,
  • Defense composite repair
  • Marine fabrication
  • Recruiter companies in the employment of composites technicians who want to evaluate their candidate's skills prior to hiring them or sign them in for short or long term contracts for clients.
  • Automotive (F1)

    We can perform any assessment test On-site at any facility which is equipped with a composite shop
    We can also perform assessment tests our training center station in Amsterdam-H

Day(-s): 1 / Tech code: TECH-002

Depending on the job required we can adapt our assessment test and customize it to your company needs

  1. Newly to be hired candidates applicants for Composite related jobs for Companies in the Composite Industry.
  2. Permanent staff to assess their current knowledge and skills to undergo CURRENCY and RECURRENT training.

According to SAE International:
Currency: Personnel should demonstrate continued competence every 3 years by performing a repair or by performing a practical assessment under the direct supervision of an examiner authorized and designated by the organization or by having participated in or performed at least six repairs applicable to the specific certification (i.e. SAE AIR 4938 Doc. Part 1, Part 2, et al) in the 3-year period.

Recurrent Training: A training program should include provisions for recurrent training to continually update persons on technology, materials, and other changes regarding composite and/or metal bond maintenance and repair. Records of recurrent training should be maintained by the organization and the individual.

Minimum required 1 and maximum 6 per course*.

* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received!

The Assessment objectives of future candidates for your company along with their theoretical knowledge, practical Hands-On skills are necessary to carry out the job.
The assessment candidate:

  • Can perform his/her knowledge and skills according to the required job he or she has applied for
  • Is given a written test to assess his or her general knowledge in composites according to the job requirements.
  • Must be able to work independently without supervision during the assessment.
  • Can work according to Safety regulations and recognize hazardous situations & materials.
  • Knows material properties and is familiar with “Handling & Storage” off (frozen) materials during the assessment if needed for the job
  • Can work according to OEM technical ply-lay-up drawings
  • Must be able to understand and read TECHNICAL English as written in Technical data sheets, OEM manuals, and Safety material data sheets.

Assessment of NEW Applicants
A written multiple-choice test examination standard or customized to the acquired job and skill level needed, to verify the candidate's general knowledge level and work experience as noted in their CV or Resume.
The theoretical assessment is done before the Hands-On practical and goos as follows:

  • An exam of over 150 questions Multiple choice questions have to be answered depending on the job required category. Marking if known by the candidate. No gambling of any answers.
  • Practical Hands-on on the workshop performing the required  knowledge and hand skills for the 

(Level 1-3)

Candidates will be intensively monitored by the examiner/instructor during the practical assessment performing his or her exercises while working with composite related materials for his/her job requirement.

  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1 to 3 topics from basic to advanced
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers
  • The assessment examination will be closed book 
  • The outcome of the assessment in percentage per level of training will be will be recorded in the participant individual training records and will be presented and evaluated by the company responsible HRM dept or department manager 
  • The HR dept. or Dept. Manager will evaluate the outcome with EFC and the applicant present
  • For each candidate/applicant, a knowledge and skill report is written by the EFC examiner/instructor and will be presented to the customer including our conclusions/recommendations for hiring or not hiring or related additional recurrent training by EFC.

This course can also be held at our facility in Leipzig Germany at the facilities of our partner HEICO. If you have a need for this, please contact our purchasing manager Rolf Hovener via his page.

For your company to benefit, this course can be held ‘On-Site’ at your facility under certain conditions.
Click on this link to the Onsite information webpage!

Courses as noted on our course schedule page can be run on request to meet your required start and end date.

All listed course prices are Excl VAT. (Dutch VAT is 21%). EFC complies with Dutch tax laws. On request, companies can be sent an invoice instead of paying direct On-line with PayPal, IDEAL or credit card.

Payment is securely arranged via . More information can be found on the website of Mollie.

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