Aircraft Cabin Interior Carpeting & Upholstery

This course* is specially designed for participants/technicians from the beginner to the intermediate technician who wants to have a better understanding and skills into Aircraft Cabin Interior, sewing of carpeting edges  also referred as whipping in the UK  and serging in the USA and binding patterns,

Pattern cutting of cabin carpets & performing Serging-Binding cabin interior carpets, and Box stitching of webbing and belts and sewing of lock patterns.

*This course is mainly held onsite at the customer facility requesting thiscourse. 

Day(-s): 5 / Tech code: TECH-032

Speaking skills in technical English and reading ability of technical OEM manuals

Basic Aircraft Cabin Interior knowledge and Cabin Interior manual reading ability is necessary, 

Not required but having attended our Aircraft Interior Repair Course TECH-030 . will give you an advantage 

Please contact us to access your level

Personnel of Aircraft technical maintenance departments having little or no experience in serging and binding of Aircraft Cabin interior carpet edge stitching.

Participants who are wanting to gain a better understanding of cabin interior sewing/Serging and binding/festooning of Aircraft cabin interior carpeting

The course content includes materials and processes such as pattern making, cutting carpeting and the use of Alu or steel templates

Sewing patterns, Serging-Binding cabin carpets, box stitching of webbing and belts and applying lock patterns.

Minimum required 4 and maximum 10 per course*.

* Courses will be confirmed as running by EFC as soon as sufficient applications are received!

 At the end of the course the participants:

  • Must be able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Must be attentive to details
  • Can work according to Safety regulations and recognise hazardous situations while using sewing machines and Stanley knives
  • Can read, understand and work with the OEM cabin interior manual for Interior parts
  • Knows material properties and is familiar with "Handling & Storage" of these materials
  • Can plan the work and work as planned
  • Can find steps of repair or replacement to be taken in the Aircraft type related OEM manuals for interior parts
  • Can adjust fine tune the sewing machine to the right settings for a most perfect carpet edge stitch and lock patterns 
  • Can apply a serging-binding on cabin carpeting with positive and negative curves
  • Can Aircraft cut cabin interior carpeting with the correct Stanly knife type in straight and curved shapes while using a template
  • Can apply box stitch patterns in belts with a sewing machine
  • Can apply lock patterns in belt and safety net crossings with a sewing machine
  • Can make proper use of carpeting and pattern cutting templates

(Level 1,2)

  • Safety in using sewing machines and sharp knives during carpet cutting with templates
  • Materials:  Fundamentals of fabrication carpeting, carpet types and weave styles and other Aircraft Cabin Interior  materials
  • Introduction and use of OEM manuals per Aircraft type for cabin Interior sewing and upholstery 
  • Cutting pattern making square rectangular  negative and positive curves shapes
  • Serging & Binding carpeting edges also called blanket stitch or festooning
  • Sealing of carpet edge-stitches with hot melt glue
  • Insert new and threads when broken into the sewing machine spools
  • Sewing machine types and adjustments 
  • Tread types used according to manuals
  • Problem-solving with sewing machine adjustment settings

Carpeting scrap pieces are needed to perform the exercises

  • Safety in use of sewing machines 
  • Adjustment of sewing machine treaded feed
  • Use of OEM cabin interior manuals per Aircraft type for cabin Interior sewing & repairs like box stitching cargo nets or belts
  • Cutting of interior carpets with Alu or steel templates with straight and 90 degree angles, positive and negative curved radii
  • Cutten carpet top edges radii with curved scissors prior to sewing
  • Insert/feed new threads into the sewing machine and adjust setting using a scrap piece
  • Practising carpet edge sewing of straight rectangular 90 degree edges positive and negative curved carpet edge radii
  • The upholstery of interior parts & cutting pattern making
  • Sealing of end stitches with hot melt electrical gun
  • Problem-solving replacement of broken treads breaking and sewing machine adjustment settings

  • Multiple choice questions from each of the teachings Level 1-2
  • Successful completion is 75% correct answers. (The test will be a closed book)
  • The practical mark will be the average of all scores gained from the actual exercises.
  • Daily assessment activities by the instructor are built into our courses, to give positive feedback on the achievement and personal potential and kept on record in an individual student logbook.
  • All grades will be recorded in the participant individual training records and kept on file for unlimited time*. (*Compliant with Reference EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014)
  • All student  files will be stored  according to the new European GPDR privacy rules effective per May 25, 2018
  • A certificate of accomplishment is handed out to each participant.

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