Bert Groenewoud

Bert GroenewoudBert is the founder/owner of EFC and has more than 3 decades of experience in the composite industry while working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for 30 years were from 15 years as an instructor in Advanced Composites & Metal-Bonded Repairs.

In 1991 while working for KLM training dept. he was one of the founders of the SAE- IATA, ATA, C.A.C.R.C. task groups (Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee) to standardize composite repair and training and is currently still active in the SAE-C.AC.R.C. Training task group.

Bert still performs actual repairs and On the Job Training (OJT) in-between composite courses on different type Aircraft parts, all type Radomes at Part 145 certified Repair companies in The Netherlands and Germany. He worked at other companies as a material & process engineer in fabrication & repair of composite parts and also responsible for tooling fabrication & maintenance.

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