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Frequently Asked Questions

Underneath we have collected the questions asked most by our customers, this might be usefull for you too.
If you miss something please let us know via our contact form?

Does EFC offer discounts?
To be fair to all, we do not offer discounts as our courses are keenly priced.  All people on the course pay the same amount.  This allows people to book well in advance, especially those who need to book flights, travel, hotels and so on.
Are meals included?
Meals are not included. Refreshments like tea and coffee, are provided during course hours.
If you have any particular dietary requirements, we can accommodate your needs, just let us know on time.
Is accommodation included?
Accommodation is NOT included. See for accommodations and search for location under the name “Hoofddorp” Our training center is located nearby hotels in the surrounding area. Some are 10 to 15 minutes away on walking distance. All hotels in the city of Hoofddorp can easily be reached by bike or public transport and are 5 minutes travelling by train away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

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Where is EFC located?
We are located south of Amsterdam in town called Hoofddorp which is located 5 minutes away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by train and 22 minutes away from Amsterdam City center. The training center can also be reached using the Red Buses called “Zuid Tangent” They run on a fast track from and to the Schiphol Airport Plaza and have bus stop in front of the EFC training center located in the Regional College ROCvA building.

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If I book a course and travel options what happens if the course is cancelled?
If you have paid in full and received a “course run” confirmation, we guarantee to run the course. Some courses need a minimum amount of participants to run the course. This information you will find at the specific course information pages.
Do I need to bring anything to the course?
Please bring us your humor and interest.

Wear long trousers and safety shoes.
If you do not have Safety shoes we can provide them on request if you give us your shoe size. Personal Protection Equipment, (PPE), coveralls, safety glasses and tools are provided at no cost.

Is a restaurant nearby for lunch?
There is a restaurant in the ROCvA building where you can drink and eat lunch at your own or company expense. They do serve fresh sandwiches with a range of fillings every day, choice of soup a day throughout the week. Tea and coffee are provided  throughout the day.  If you have any particular dietary requirements, just let us know when booking.
Why should we choose EFC over other courses?
Our courses have more structure, more technical up to date content and are more intensive and actually deliver what the industry needs and asks for. Our courses comply with regulations listed in FAA AC 145-6, EASA, and SAE-CACRC documents ARP 6262, AIR 4938. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have?
Why should we choose EFC over other courses?
EFC owner, Bert Groenewoud, was one of the founders in 1991 of the International SEA-CACRC task groups. In this role he has been and still is active in the SEA-CACRC. Its aim is to keep the International Standard for “Composites and Metal Bonded Training (AIR 4938) up to date for future demands. The SEA-CACRC, FAA and EASA standards dictate the technical content in the Aerospace composites industry.

The technical content of our courses will always be in-line with these standards mentioned above and you can be assured that the content is what the industry needs and asks for.
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Who does the teaching?
By attending a course, you will have the opportunity to learn more about composites in a highly structured manner. We cannot make anyone skilled within a week, but assessments are included in our courses. The results of these show the achievement of each individual in a controlled environment, and combined with our course content gives employers a guide to your potential.
I have seen other courses outside EFC that have similar names, how are they different?
We have been delivering Advanced Composite training courses for over more than 30 years. See our LinkedIn profiles and during this time courses are being imitated but not bettered. We continuously update our courses, with our technical expertise and practical experience gained while being hired by high-tech companies. Course content as a result is second to none in the Aerospace and other industries for which we offer training.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of understanding and expertise in the aerospace and advanced composites community. By fulfilling our mission we will improve the lives of those trusting us with their technical training, engineering support, and research development.  

What does the EFC workshop look like?
The state of the art Composite workshop is divided in:
  • an large air-conditioned Clean room,
  • a Wet Lay Up, Infusion room,
  • a Machine room, with band sander, buzz saw, band saw and table drills
  • a Trim / sanding room, with 16 student positions with direct source extraction using Clayton shrouds mounted on angled die grinders
  • a Utility room containing separate high and low volume extraction units
  • a Mixing room with extraction and storage for chemicals.
Do I get to make my own parts?
Some parts you do, and some you do not, our courses are highly practical orientated which is a must. Some parts you make are yours to take home and some parts will be used for follow up courses TECH-010 Intermediate and TECH-020 Advanced Repair course.
Do you recommend any reading material prior to course?
There are some books available but we haven’t found a book that offers the detail of our courses. Many unique details are covered on our courses! EFC is in the process of putting our extensive knowledge gained over many decades into book form. During our courses we are happy to discuss, recommend supplementary books.
How will I be learning?
All our courses include interactive theory sessions (with some PowerPoint presentations and notes), detailed demonstrations and practical sessions broken down into 50 minute sessions. Our instructor(s) address the needs of the group and individuals throughout the course. Each course is structured as mentioned in the course schedule.
I am new to composites and the offered courses seem very technical, are they suitable for me?
Our basic courses are suitable for anyone new to composites including beginners and unskilled people. Exercises take you from first principles to more advanced techniques as the course progresses. If you have any questions about suitability of a course please contact us via our contact form.
I want to fabricate and repair composite parts and don’t know where to start, which course is best?
Our technical course content is continuously adapted to meet the latest demands of the composites industry. We have had many experienced personnel attend our courses, often with experience ranging from 3 to 5 years. More experienced personnel have found our courses informative, challenging in getting up-to-date with current practices.
Do you offer a stage III (advanced) repair course?
Yes we do! Our “TECH-020-Advanced Repair Stage III course” is very intensive and carefully designed to ensure the course is effective as possible. It is a Hands-on” course in which you are guided to perform several repairs.  Processes are based on different OEM manuals.
I would like to have a career in Composites, what are the job prospects like?
The advanced composites industry has been growing continually worldwide, particularly the Aerospace and automotive industry. Overall, the composites industry has expanded rapidly. Anyone who can demonstrate good skills and loves to learn how to work with composites can have good career prospects for years to come.
After attending a course, will I get a job?
By attending a course, you will have the opportunity to learn more about composites in a highly structured manner. We cannot make anyone skilled within a week, but assessments are included in our courses. Their results show students are educated according to the demands of leading regulatory organizations.
Do you sell materials and / or equipment?
Some materials and equipment we sell, but we also will provide you with a list of material suppliers whose products we use for our courses and recommend materials throughout the course. We also can advise you on what to use and what not to use. Look at our web shop.