General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We, the team of Earth & Flight Composites, take your privacy very serious. We will never pass your personal data to other companies or do anything other with it than the goal you provided it for.


In our website we collect a number of details about visitors of this website. The details we keep are:
  • Course enrollment
  • Product acquisition
  • Website visits


Course enrollment

In order to subscribe to a course offered on this website you need to provide the data wit which you can register. What will we do with your personal data? We need it to send you the confirmation of your enrollment and to process the finance. We like to keep your data on file in orde to provide you with information about new courses at a later moment. If you don’t appreciate that you can always ask us to delete your personal details.

Product acquisition

When you buy products on our website we need to process the finance and send the products to address you provided. Upon checking out you can choose to do this with a personal login, this will also give you the option to remove your personal data at a later moment.

Website visits

We store the ip address of everyone who visits this website. The ip address are never related to personal data. It gives us the option to see which parts of the site are visited often and which parts need to be improved. Upon visiting this site you will be prompted on the bottom of your browser to opt-out for this. Your details will not be stored if you choose for this.