Frequently Asked Questions

Does EFC offer discounts?

To be fair to all, we do not offer discounts as our courses are keenly priced.  All people on the course pay the same amount.  This allows people to book well in advance, especially those who need to book flights, travel, hotels and so on.

Are meals included?

Meals are not included. Refreshments like tea and coffee, are provided during course hours.
If you have any particular dietary requirements, we can accommodate your needs, just let us know on time.

Is accommodation included?

Accommodation is NOT included. See for accommodations and search for location under the name “Hoofddorp” Our training center is located nearby hotels in the surrounding area. Some are 10 to 15 minutes away on walking distance. All hotels in the city of Hoofddorp can easily be reached by bike or public transport and are 5 minutes travelling by train away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Click here for hotel accommodations

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