Vacuum valve/port for curved surfaces


Having decades of experience in advanced composites, EFC owner Bert Groenewoud developed and patented new time and costs saving types of vacuum valves. They can be used on flat and curved surfaces on composite and metal bonded parts and perform better than existing types of valves currently on the market, while lowering costs.

In the images above and below the vacuum valve/port is shown with standard quick connect couplings. These quick connect standard couplings are not supplied with the vacuum valve/port. They merely serve to show the connectivity options. These quick connect standard couplings can be ordered at many vacuum equipment suppliers.


More info can be found in this short manual. Click here to open.



This vacuum valve, port for flat surfaces has the following features:

  • Cost saving due to processing time reduction
  • Cost saving due to service life of valves
  • Cost saving by no maintenance on the single part vacuum valve
  • A life time warranty is given on the main body of the valve
  • Made from stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures
  • Remains stable once mounted
  • No need to cut any vacuum bag
  • Does not tilt in an autoclave in venting situation or sudden vacuum loss
  • No personnel required to keep valve in upright position during first stages of building up vacuum
  • No risk of losing base plates compared to standard valves on the market
  • Can be hooked up in arrays to vacuum large parts
  • Allows already purchased standard couplings and gauges to be connected to the SmartValve


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