EFC Wind turbine blade NDI and repair assist

In our portfolio you will find a visual impression of the wind-blade NDI & Repair assist performed by EFC’s owner, Bert Groenewoud and NDI & Repair specialist, Robert Otterspoor in Bangui, the Philippines. The Inspection and repair was requested by Vestas, a global energy supplier.

AiRAS Rope Access Team
Together with the very experienced AiRAS International Rope Access team EFC offers assistance in Rope access, Wind turbine blade Inspection and Repair. By combining methods of close up access, teams can optimize their time and more efficiently carry out close up inspections. EFC offers close up inspections by rope access, confined space access of hard to reach assets.

On Shore Blade NDI inspection

  • Use of Drones
  • Using the latest NDI techniques for actual blade damage inspection such as erosion, bird strike or lightning strike we use our special NDI equipped drones (see underneath)
  • We shoot professional photographs and video footage of your turbine blades to assess damage which saves time and money!
  • We view the blades using real-time footage in HD on the screen of the transmitter with the integrated digital video down-link with a range of up to 1 mile (1.6km)

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