Smart vacuum Valve/Ports for a curved surface

In the images shown the vacuum valves/ports are fitted with standard quick connect couplings.
These quick connect standard couplings are not supplied with the vacuum valves/ports. They merely serve to show the connectivity options. These conventional couplings, male or female type, are available at many vacuum equipment suppliers. EFC can deliver them to you if required. Contact us by email at

These Vacuum ports/valves are specially designed and patented by EFC owner Bert Groenewoud
Tha can be used use with Hot bonders, in ovens, autoclaves on flat and curved surfaces.

This vacuum valves/ports do have the following advantages compared to standard valves on the market:

  • A lifetime guarantee on the main body of the valve
  • Applicable to Flat & Curved Surfaces
  • High Temp resistant, made from stainless steel, and comes with a certificate
  • Remains stable once mounted
  • No need to cut any vacuum bag film or foil
  • No vacuum loss possible compared to standard valves consisting out of a base and top plate on the market!!


  • Does not tilt in the autoclave during a venting situation or sudden vacuum loss
  • No personnel required keeping valves in an upright position during first stages of vacuuming
  • No risk of losing base & top plates (standard valves on the market) which are accidentally thrown in the garbage bin.)
  • Can be hooked up in series surrounding large parts on tables to create the optimum vacuum under any bag
  • Allows standard couplings to be used as commonly mounted on hoses and vacuum gauges in the industry

You can read more about our valves by downloading the PDF files underneath:

SmartValves short user manual   New SmartValve presentation   2017 New SmartValve Flyer