Our courses

Earth & Flight Composites offers a number of courses aimed at multiple disciplines. Technicians, Engineers, Boat repair, the offer is large.
Underneath you get a short intro per type of course, in case you would like read more, just press the button.

If you can’t find certain information on this site or you have the need for a tailor made course don’t hesitate and contact us via our contact form.

Member of the SAE-AMS CACRC Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee since 1991

Earth & Flight Composites complies to and official Training task group member of the SAE-AMS CACRC Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee since 1991.

Technician courses

Today‚Äôs engineers, managers, and technicians live in a world of increasing deadlines with an ever growing need for deep and immediate technical knowledge. Earth & Flight Composites (EFC) understands those needs and have therefore created hands-on course programs for technicians and Engineers with the customer’s requirements in mind. EFC is in constant process of creating top quality educational material and course program overview.

Engineering courses

Earth & Flight Composites has set up an exclusive collaboration with M51 Recourses Inc., located at there home base, Dallas Te xas, USA. This European cooperation with EFC Amsterdam and M51 Recourses expands both global footprint training portfolio to over more than 45 different training course options for particpants who whant to learn all about composites in the industry.

General courses

under construction

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