Staff assessment services & composite skill training

We are specialists in the providing assessment and training services exclusively for the composites industry.

EFC offers a service aimed at recruitment agencies and companies when recruiting new staff such as contracting composite technicians, certifying staff and quality control personnel.

We at EFC have worked in the composite industry for more than 3 decades.

In this time we have met contractors/technicians/certifying staff working in the composite industry or applying for a composite job without a clue of advanced composites.

We can provide recruitment agencies and composite related companies a means to distinguish genuine composite technicians’ applicants from cowboys in this industry. Hiring or outsourcing the wrong staff will damage the reputation of your agency / composite related company. We can prevent his.

With our service we can provide your company with an assessment of any contractor/applicant to be hired on what is lagging and provide the applicant with the required additional training to meet your client’s requirements and expectations so to guarantee compliance with the international standards of a composite technician skill set. We can provide them with additional Basic or Advancecd compsosite training in our UK facility or anywhere else needed to do the job right.


Staff Assessment

Every company will have experienced the problem of hiring staff/contractors/applicants and finding out to later that there is not a match.
We are the new match makers who can prevent a mismatch by assessment prior of hiring the contractor/applicant for a contract.

EFC will assess:

  • The capability of a contractor/applicant/technician applying for a composite job prior to hiring them
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitea check /verification
  • Certificate check, if it meets the International standard required for composite technicians
  • Motivation
  • Motor skills (Practical elements hands-on in our workshops in the UK and NL)
  • Our assessment of the potential new staff member, contractor/applicant will be given to your company in full report and logbook

Please click at the following link to go to: EFC Tech-002 Staff assessment.


Assessment locations

Assessment can be done:

Onsite World Wide, at your or your clients facility.
(if a Composite related Workshop is available*)

(*Contact us for minium of material and equipment needed)

At our Bicester training location in the, UK.

Or at our Schiphol/ Amsterdam facility, 5 min. away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Training Services offered by EFC for composite contractors/new applicants
When after a full day of assessment, it appears that the to be hired contractor/applicant needs additional knowledge & skils for the job to apply, they can be asvised by your agency or company to attend our composite courses! Click: TECH-001 Basisc of Composites

Composite training can be done in our Bicester, UK facility, or our Schiphol Amsterdam facillty 5 min. away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Click on the link below to go to our Technician courses

Training in Advanced composites for contractors such as composite technicians laminators, trimmers, certifying staff and others in the composite industry

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