Earth & Flight Composites Course Factsheets

Feel free to download the factsheets of our courses. They give a nice description of our courses. If you need more information about the content, planning or in case you have other requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. For this you can use the contact form on the right.



Branche Factsheet ID Course Price Days
Advanced Manufacturing TECH-001 Basic Composites course in fabrication and repair 2.095,00 € 5
Marine MA-010 Reparatie van Glasvezel versterkte laminaat en Sandwich delen (Stage II) 250,00 € Dagdeel/middag (4 uur)
Repair TECH-002 Knowledge & Skill Assessment for Composite techniciains 680,00 € 1
Repair TECH-010 Intermediate of Composite Damage Repair (Stage II) 2.095,00 € 5
Repair TECH-020 Advanced Composites Structural Repair (Stage III) 2.095,00 € 5
Repair TECH-022 Currency Training for Composite Repair Personnel 2.095,00 € 5
Repair TECH-023 Recurrent Training for Composite Repair Personnel 2.095,00 € 5
Repair TECH-030 Aircraft Cabin Interior Repair 2.195,00 € 5
Repair TECH-040 Aircraft Structural Repair Manual Reading & Interpretation 1.495,00 € 3
Repair TECH-060 Hot Bonder Heat console use training 1.495,00 € 3
Repair TECH-104 Commercial Aircraft Structure Metal Bond Repair Part 4- 2.195,00 € 5
Repair TECH-120 Aircraft Radome Composite Repair course 2.495,00 € 5