Overdue materials available?


“Out of life frozen materials”


A second life for your Over-due Out of life Composite frozen and unfrozen materials and scrap Composite parts to donate at Earth & Flight Composites in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

To MRO stations and manufacturers that are using Composite related materials for Repair and Fabrication and Companies that use advanced composite materials such as Pre-pregs, Film and Foam adhesives, potting compounds, sealant please donate these materials to us!

Sometimes you can not always prevent these materials from becoming overdue!

These materials are still very well usable for educational purposes.

Also Non-perforated and Solid Release Film, Vacuum Nylon bagging film, Release ply, Peel Ply, Flex, OX, and Hexagonal Core material, Resin Infusion foam core, Sealant tape can be shipped to us if no longer needed or over-due, or damaged and no longer serviceable.

Overdue / Out of live materials often must be disposed of as waste or chemical waste.
To dispose of these pre-preg materials, film & foam adhesive which are legally considered to be chemical waste can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly if they must be cured in an oven as prescribed by regulations. EFC wants to give your over-due materials a second life by using it ‘for training purposes only’ which benefits your company, the environment, EFC and our students.
Send us your company address and material details and we will take care of the transportation of your materials to our facility in the Netherlands if they are of use to EFC. It will save your company the time to dispose of these materials.

Materials we are looking for:

Pre-pregs – Fiberglass fabrics
BMS 8 79 Class III Style 120 Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
BMS 8 79 Class III Style 1581 Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
BMS 8 79 Class III Style 7781 Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)

Pre-pregs – Carbon Fabrics
BMS 8-168 Type II/III Class II Style 3k-70-PW Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
BMS 8-212 Type III Class II Style 3k-135-8H Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)

Carbon fibre Unidirectional rolls or sheets

Tooling pre-preg
Carbon fibre 2×2 Twill weave 200 and / or 600 grams (low cure system, 50 – 60 °C.)

Dry Carbon fabrics

Pre-pregs Aramid
BMS 8-219 Style 285 (Kev 49) (Kevlar) Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
Do you have any other pre-preg material than mentioned above please do contact us. Dry Aramid Fabrics

Film and Foaming Adhesives
BMS 5-129 Type II Class 2A Grade 5 Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
BMS 5-129 Type II Class 2C Grade 10 Cure Temp: 250 °F (121 °C.)
Do you have any other materials than mentioned above please contact us.

Resin set
BMS 8-201- Epocast 50 A1/946 Type 4
BMS 8-201- Epocast 50 A1/9816 Type 3
BMS 8-301- EA 9390 Class 1

Potting Compound
BMS 5-28- Epocast 1511 A/B Type 3 NA
BMS 5-28- EC 89537 Type 7 Class 2

Carbon Fabric
BMS9-8 Type I Class 2 Grade 3 Style 3K-135-8H
BMS9-8 Type I Class 2 Grade 3 Style 3K-70-PW
BMS9-8 Type I Class 2 Grade 3 Style 3K-70-PW

Dry Glass Dry Fabrics
BMS 9-3-Dry Type H-2 Class 7 Style 1581
BMS 9-3-Dry Type H-3 Class 7 Style 7781

Kevlar Dry Fabric
Kevlar 49 (120-38) Style 350 / Plain
Kevlar 49 (181-38) Style 348 / 8H Satin
Kevlar 49 (353-38) Style 353 / 4H Satin
Kevlar 49 (352-38) Style 352 / Plain

Paste Adhesives
Henkel-Loctite-Hysol EA 9394 Part A-
Henke-Loctite-Hysol EA 9994 Part B

Honeycomb sheets
Aluminum honeycomb sheets Cell size 1/8/ 3/16/ 1/4″” or any other type
Nomex honeycomb sheets Hexagonal/OX and Flex core; Cell size 1/8/ 3/16/ 1/4″” or any other types

Scrap Composite Aircraft parts needed For Training Purposes Only

Please contact us when your company is required to scrap Airbus or Boeing 737 Aircraft Composites parts, Metal bonded parts that are still can be used for Repair Training.

Currently, we are also looking for scrap Airbus Radomes, complete damaged or not, fairings, panels, flaps, wing leading edge panels, wing tips, wing to body and flap-track fairings, and more

Thank you very much, for your effort, it is highly appreciated!

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